2up Offers

2ups aka Early Payout Offers:

Above: Video done by myself… Aim to start doing those 2up offers if you haven’t already! Here is a list of Bet365 leagues that you can bet on via this link.

2up Early Payout Offer

Above: Video done by Lewis – A webinar from our platinum group (This is currently closed for new members) that I thought I would add it in here for you as an extra treat so you can see the 2up criteria that we recommend, by coach Lewis, one of our value betting experts. There are some advanced concepts in here, but hopefully, you find something that is helpful! You can start getting on 2up offers straight away and you can learn about each ways in the intermediate value betting module. Try to start doing 2ups as soon as you can on both bet365 and paddy power.

You can combine 2ups on Paddy Power with their weekly bet club, so you can effectively do 5 x £10 2up bets each week for free, because the free £10 bet that you get with Paddy, will cover your qualifying losses and even put you in profit. If you hit a 2up you are in even more profit! This should ease you into doing larger 2up offers with Bet365. Remember winnings are uncapped on Bet365 and capped at £2,500 on Paddy Power. This 2up offer is an opportunity to win larger amounts if you can (Mindset wise and bankroll wise) handle a run of qualifying losses that will be outweighed by the big wins you have (Ie. Your team goes 2 points clear and then draws or loses in the end, so that you win both your bookmaker bet and bet exchange bet).

You will also get Lewis’ take on some of the weekly offers that were available at the time of recording (Tuesday, 23 September)