Bet of the Day – Friday, 14th of June 2024

Friday, 14th of June

Here we are! The start of the Euro 2024 football tournament is finally here and I cannot wait 😀

The first match is Germany vs Scotland at 8pm UK time and I’ve outlined the bet for you below. You can place this bet from 7pm Thursday evening, any time up until when the match starts on Friday. Enjoy:

Money Bet
Sport: Football -> Euro 2024
Who’s playing: Germany vs Scotland
Date: Friday June 14
Time: 8pm UK time

Outcome: Draw

Back Bet: Bet on the Draw at the bookmaker (Bet with the bookmaker that your day # challenge says to bet with).

Lay Bet: Lay the Draw at the Bet Exchange on Germany vs Scotland

Decimal odds at the bet exchange will be about 6.60 (Give or take a bit either way, Ie. it might be a bit higher or lower than this) and remember that the bookmaker odds will nearly always be lower than your lay odds at the bet exchange.

Note that if you feel comfortable, then there is a chance that you will be able to place your money bet on Germany winning, as long as the odds at the time are above the minimum odds required to qualify for your bookmaker’s offer. Ie. If you need to place your first bet at odds of 1.50 or greater and the odds at the bookmaker for Germany to win, are greater than 1.50 then you could use this instead if you like. At the time of writing this the odds for Germany to win are about 1.30 so, this wouldn’t be high enough odds for most sign up offers (It’s usually 2.0 and sometimes a bit less, like 1.50 for example).

Use the Betting Calculator to determine the amount that you need to Lay to return the exact same amount. Go back to your training in the Getting Started lesson if you need to go over this again.

Also note that the odds are quite high for the draw on this match because Germany is such a big favourite. If you don’t feel comfortable placing the bet on the draw because of the high odds and hence higher liability amount required in the bet exchange (Ie You’d need roughly £50 in your bet exchange at these odds as opposed to roughly £10 to £15 for Switzerland tomorrow), then you can wait for tomorrow’s bet instead. Tomorrow, we’ll be betting on the Hungary vs Switzerland match, which is taking place at 2pm on Saturday and has odds of more like 3.50 for the draw and 2.40 for Switzerland winning. The choice is yours and both are fine. I’m sure some people will want to place the bet on the draw for Germany vs Scotland to just get it done and some will wait until Saturday’s match for the lower liability. Remember the content is evergreen and you can always place 2 bets later on in the tournament in 1 day to “Catch up”, once you have some experience under your belt, if you prefer to wait.

The bookmaker you use will depend on which day # you are currently doing. We recommend doing 1 day, per day. Ie. 1 money bet and 1 free bet maximum per day, until you are comfortable with doing more. As this is your first money bet, you won’t have a free bet to go with it. Go back to the “Let’s go” lesson if you need to remind yourself of how this all works and see full details in the “Getting Started” lesson.