Bet of the Day – Monday, 24th of June 2024

Monday, 24th of June

There are two matches on today for Euro 2024, both at 8pm and again, you can bet on either of them to get your free bets and also to turn free bets into money.

I recommend the Italy match below for the qualifying bet and the Spain match for your free bets if you have any to turn into money:

Money Bet
Sport: Football -> Euro 2024
Who’s playing: Croatia vs Italy
Date: Monday June 24
Time: 8pm UK time

Outcome: Scotland

Back Bet: Bet on Italy at the bookmaker (Bet with the bookmaker that your day # challenge says to bet with).

Lay Bet: Lay Italy at the Bet Exchange on Croatia vs Italy

Decimal odds at the bet exchange will be about 2.50 (Give or take a bit either way, Ie. it might be a bit higher or lower than this) and remember that the bookmaker odds will nearly always be lower than your lay odds at the bet exchange.

For both the money bet and free bet – Use the Betting Calculator to determine the amount that you need to Lay to return the exact same amount. Go back to your training in the Getting Started lesson if you need to go over this again.

Free Bet
Your free bet should have arrived from yesterday’s money bet (If you did one) with a bit of luck, so you can now place that free bet and make some money! Note that if it hasn’t arrived in your account after your money bet has been “Settled” (Ie. the event taking place), then give it several hours or so before contacting the bookmakers’ live chat and asking where your free bet is. This can happen sometimes, so just be aware.

Sport: Football -> Euro 2024
Who’s playing: Albania vs Spain
Date: Monday June 24
Time: 8pm UK time

Outcome: Draw

Back Bet: Bet on the Draw at the bookmaker (Bet with the bookmaker that your day # challenge says to bet with).

Lay Bet: Lay the Draw at the Bet Exchange on Albania vs Spain

Just to keep things nice and simple, I’ll often be recommending to use the same match/event/outcome to bet on with your free bets. By all means, you can bet on any match/event/outcome as soon as you feel comfortable in doing so. We are just using events to turn our free bets into money… Just remember that the higher and tighter the back and lay odds, the higher the profits are from your free bets (But you need more money in your bet exchange account to cover that higher liability).

The bookmaker you use will depend on which day # you are currently doing. We recommend doing 1 day, per day. Ie. 1 money bet and 1 free bet maximum per day, until you are comfortable with doing more. Go back to the “Let’s go” lesson if you need to remind yourself of how this all works and see full details in the “Getting Started” lesson.