Bet of the Day – Wednesday, 19th of July 2023

Wednesday, 19th of July

Place your bet in the evening from 7 pm UK time on Wednesday, the 19th of July or first thing on Thursday morning, the 20th of July.

Money Bet
Sport: Football -> Women’s World Cup
Who’s playing: Australia Women vs Republic of Ireland Women
Date: Thursday 20th July 2023
Time: 11:00am

Outcome: Draw

Back Bet: Bet on the draw at the bookmaker (Bet with the bookmaker that your day # challenge says to bet with).

Lay Bet: Lay the Draw at the Bet Exchange on Australia vs Republic of Ireland

Decimal odds at the bet exchange will be about 6.0 (Give or take 2 points each way) and remember that the bookmaker odds will nearly always be lower than your lay odds at the bet exchange. We would usually bet on something with lower odds for your money bet to keep our liability lower, but with the 2 matches today, this is the best that we’ve got and it will work absolutely fine 🙂

Free Bet
Today you only have a money bet to do, as we haven’t lined up any free bets from other bookmakers.

Use the Betting Calculator to determine the amount that you need to Lay to return the exact same amount. Go back to your training in the Getting Started lesson if you need to go over this again.

The bookmaker you use will depend on which day # you are currently doing. We recommend doing 1 day, per day. Ie. 1 money bet and 1 free bet maximum per day, until you are comfortable with doing more. Go back to the “Let’s go” lesson if you need to remind yourself of how this all works and see full details in the “Getting Started” lesson.