Copy and Profit: Congratulations – You’re In!

Welcome to Copy and Profit… It’s great to have you on board! First things first, please bookmark this page. Do it now or email it to yourself or something so you can come back to it. Then proceed and watch the videos below.

Done? Great, once you’ve done that, then go to your email inbox to get access to this month’s spreadsheet. If you don’t have the email from us, then just email support ( and let us know so that we can sort it out for you. Once you have access to the spreadsheet (We email out the new month’s one at the end of each month) then follow the directions below.

Open the google sheet and bookmark that or save the email that has the spreadsheet in. Google sheets automatically refresh themselves and we aim to update the spreadsheet between 11am and 12pm each day with around 10-20 bets for you to place (Sometimes less and often many more than this!).

Click here to access “My Copy and Profit Bets” Spreadsheet that you can make a copy for yourself to track your bets. As always, to do this, go to “File -> Make a copy” on the spreadsheet as opposed to requesting access.

Above: Watch this video to learn how to profit and log your profits. It teaches you bet size, risk management and other things. It is essential that you watch the above video to understand what you are doing!

Above: Watch this video to understand the concept of +EV. With Value Betting, this is EXACTLY what we are doing and I couldn’t have said it better than my friends at Veratisium.

If you require any support then please get in touch with the support desk by sending an email to so that someone from my team or myself can get back to you. Note that the support desk operates weekdays, Monday-Friday (Excluding bank holidays), 9am to 5pm UK time.

Legal disclaimer:
Your capital is at risk and as a legal disclaimer, I must also say that the information that we provide is only for educational purposes and that we are not responsible for any losses of any kind that you might experience from the information that we provide. Please always play responsibly and as they say, when the fun stops, stop. If you go astray from what I teach you and just start gambling then, please do stop and reach out for help from or

Kind words and feedback from some students below to keep you motivated:

Trevor returned a Whopping 101% Tax-Free ROI (Just over Doubled his bankroll) – £855 turned into £1,720 in just 1 month!

“Hi Ben

I just want to send a big thankyou to you and your team. I’ve completed my first month of copy and profit,

starting with a bank roll of £855 it is now at £1720. Looking forward to seeing what next month brings.



Shelly returned a 67% Tax-Free ROI – £350 turned into £585.27 in just 1 month!

Hey there

I just wanted to send you all a quick message to say a massive THANK YOU for the copy and paste system that you having been sending to me. I know a ton of hard work must be going into this by you all and I just wanted to show my appreciation because it has definitely made things a lot easier for me being a busy single mam of 4 boys and working 6 jobs! I’m doing this so that eventually I can give up those jobs and spend quality time with my boys making beautiful memories together!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m really enjoying doing them and even though I’m starting on a small budget of £350 I have made some profit and am really happy. I look forward to the spreadsheet everyday!!

Have a lovely lovely day!

Love Shelly xx

Colston made £896.03 profit from an £800 starting bankroll in just 6 weeks

Hi  Ben and  team been  six weeks  since  I started  copy and  profit.
I have made a decent profit  of £896.03 so far I have  made  a profit  in each of the six weeks.
I would like to thank you all for the effort you put into this it is much appreciated and I  am looking forward to continuing my journey with you. 
Me and my wife are off down to Minehead tomorrow for the darts tournament so probably won’t get much done this weekend, anyway I have  attached  a testimonial  video to this email. 
Just like to say thanks again for all help and support.
Many thanks Colston 

Above: Well done Colston on pushing your comfort zone and making this short testimonial video for us, it’s very much appreciated and well done you on taking action!

Rod made 47.5% Tax-Free profit in just 2 weeks!

Hi Ben,

As I mentioned in a previous email I have only been using this system for 14 days now, and starting with a small £300 bank roll. But I am pleased to say how amazed and delighted I am with my results over the last 2 weeks…

I have made a profit of £142.53 and remember that’s placing bets using the £300 starting bank roll.

David made 80% Tax-Free profit in just 1 month!

Hi Ben

Loving the Copy & Profit system you put together.  On a £1000 bankroll I’m up around £800 so far.