Thank You for Purchasing Jay’s Offer

You have made a great decision!

If you purchased before the 13th of May 2023 and can make it onto Jay’s May workshop, please use the link below to get booked on and also use the email instructions below to book in your call with Jay by emailing his team:

If you purchased after the 13th of May or cannot make this date, then please include this in the email that you send to Jay’s team (Outlined below):

Forward your invoice/email that you would have got from from us and include a short note when mailing Jay’s team at to say that you want to:

  1. Book your 1-1 call with Jay
  2. Get details of when the next workshops are, so that you can get booked on!

You can use this template below and adapt how you like to email them if you like:

Hi there,

I’ve just purchased Jay’s special offer from Ben’s Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp for £195+VAT and would like to get 1-1 call booked in with him please and also kindly let me know when his next workshop is, so that I can get booked on to that as well!