Bookmaker 4

1.Go via Topcashback to sign up to Ladbrokes. Note that sometimes you can get a cashback offer but you will not get the free bet offer if you go through the cashback site. This is usually quite clear in their terms and conditions, just remember to check. For example, at the time of creating this offer, you could get £31.50 cashback from topcashback but no free bet for Ladbrokes. As I showed you how to do the free bet offer with Coral, I thought I would show you how it looks when you go for the cashback with Ladbrokes. There are pros and cons of going for the free bet offer vs the cashback offer, just try not to overthink it and pick one and go for it.

Here’s a link for their bet £5 and get £20 in free bets if the cashback offer isn’t currently available and/or you would just prefer doing that one!

The advantage of going for the cashback is that you don’t have to wait for your free bets and you actually make more money with less effort (This part of it is kind of like value betting in this sense, which is what we are building the foundations for). Whilst you earn more cashback, you do have to wait for about 18 weeks for your cashback to be paid out from them, so it’s up to you what you prefer to do. The example in the video shows us doing bet £10 for £31.50 cashback. Note that your cashback might be different from this and the offer might have changed by the time you get here. We recommend Googling “Ladbrokes sign up offer” and comparing it to the topcashback offer and go with which one makes you more money! 🙂

2. Use a debit card to deposit at least the minimum amount required to qualify for their sign up offer. This is £10 for the cashback offer that we cover in the video.

3. Place your bet at the minimum odds required to qualify for their sign-up offer. You can find this in their terms and conditions, or simply place your bet at odds of 2.0 decimal odds or greater and this should be high enough. At the time of doing this offer the minimum odds required were 1/2 or 1.50 in decimal odds.

4. Lay the bet off at Smarkets using the Betting Calculator to calculate your lay amount.

5. Watch the video below to see the whole process from start to finish for a £10 qualifying bet.

I’ve added the Bet £5 to get £20 freebet Coral video below and the free bet one for them in case you wanted to do that instead of the cashback offer. Coral’s layout is very similar to Ladbrokes (Ladbrokes and Coral are owned by the same company, after all!)

Here’s the link again for the Ladbrokes bet £5 and get £20 in free bets

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