Bookmaker 9 (Free bet)

1. As soon as your free bets are in your account, then you can place them on an event to turn them into money. You do this, similar to how you did for the money bet aka qualifying bet aka trigger bet… Ie. find something to bet on and back it and lay it, resulting in one of our bets winning, thus effectively converting the free bet into money.

The general rule of thumb with free bets is that the higher the odds that you can back and lay them with, then the more profit that you make with your free bets. You also want your back and lay odds to be as close as possible. Finally note that the higher the odds that you lay at, means the higher the liability will be, ie. the more money you will require in your bet exchange account to be able to place that lay bet.

2. Find something to bet on with odds over 3.0 as an absolute minimum and less than, say, 7.0 at this stage. Backing at odds of over this for your free bet, generally often only gives you a bit more profit and your liability at this stage is already very high. So roughly aim for odds between, say, about 3.0 and 7.0 at this stage for your free bet unless you have a larger bankroll available and feel comfortable in doing so.

Back using your free bets at the bookmaker and lay the bet off at Smarkets using the Betting Calculator to calculate your lay amount… MAKING sure to use the Free Bet (SNR) option!

3. If you are unsure whether you are using your free bets when you go to place your bets then contact live chat support to clarify it with them if absolutely necessary.

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