Virtual MB Masterclass 3-4 September 2022


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Day 1

Section 1 – Morning

Click here to download the odds chart

Click here to download exercise 1

VPNs: Preferred choice – Click here to go to Torguard* Use code EFC50OFF for 50% discount | Second choice – Click here to go to VPN Area*

Tethering from your smartphone video | Tethering from your smartphone pdf

Above: VPN’s and tethering from your phone are ways to bet from abroad / anywhere with the internet or mobile signal. If you are in betting from the UK, just use your normal internet.

Click here to go to Coral

Section 2 – Late Morning

Resource – 7 steps

Verification bonus guide

Click here to open the calculator

Click here to go to Coral and sign up an account and deposit £5 with a debit card

Click here to go to Smarkets and use code SMK20 when signing up, deposit £20 with a debit card for £20 cash refund* – Note that I will show you how to get 0% commission as well, later 😉

Section 3 – After lunch

Sign up a free account with Topcashback* | Sign up a free account with Quidco*

Section 4 – Afternoon

Section 5 – Late Afternoon / Early Evening

Movie night – Evening – Watch the film 21 on Netflix or Amazon Prime and learn how a group of MIT students beat the Las Vegas casinos by playing blackjack in a very special way… To get ready for casino offers tomorrow!

Day 2

Section 1

Click here for Basic Strategy card

Section 2

Dreamlining and Ideal Liftstyle Costing

Section 3

Section 4

Note – If there is a star * by a link, it means that it is an affiliate link and I might get financial rewarded for this at no extra cost to yourself. Note that I only try to use affiliate links when you benefit (Ie. You get a better sign-up bonus or discount on VPN service for example). You can go directly to the websites if you prefer, please do what is most comfortable for you!